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Reflections on another successful season and a fitting finale at Streamsong

Did last week really happen or was it just a dream?! Once it starts it always goes so quick, and before we know it we are back in Blighty on a dull winter's day reminiscing about our 24 finalists battling it out in the sunshine. It really was a week to remember and although Europe ran out comfortable winners in the end the final score of 15-9 does not necessarily reflect that Europe, make no mistake, had to work very hard to win the Pedlar Trophy back. Both captains did a great job rousing their troops so a big thank you to Morag Hutcheon and Clinton Heap who will next year pass on the baton to someone else to try what is a much more difficult job than many realise. As always there were some stand out performances acrosss the week, and some great memories. None more so than the two titanic battes between heavyweights Andrew Lyth and Ken Daly in the fourballs and singles, two of the best matches ever witnessed in a final and both decided on the 18th. This was golf of the highest quallity and an absolute pleasure to witness from two guys who have given everything to Swingers throughout the years. Thank you both for that. But there were also great performances from rookies, like Rebecca Gray (not strictly a rookie of course!) who became the only Swinger ever to win 4 points in a final. And the Conways - Lesley and Bill two great competitors who gave it their all and embraced the final. And then there was Karen Scott with her monster putts. So often we hear about her husband Bob, but it was fantastic to meet Karen and we hope we will see her at future finals and society days. We can't mention everyone now but all 24 finalists new and old did a great job and should be proud of their weeks. Finally we would like to wish Claire Boucher a full recovery after she was taken ill ahead of the final day. Claire is a great finalist and we look forward to welcoming her back to compete again very soon. Inevitably you will hear a little less from us over the next few weeks as we reflect on the season just gone, and put our plans into place for next year. We will do our very best to make it another special year with another memorable final at the end. But until then, rest up, get some practice in and get yourselves ready to go again! Thank you Swingers, it's been a blast. To read more about our amazing week at Streamsong Florida click here

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