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8 weeks until Vegas!

We’ve been on a rollercoaster of a ride at Swingers HQ these past few weeks as we headed down to South Africa to run our first ever Swingers society day there, before rushing back to the UK for our final S15 day of the season at Enville. Just a few days later our season officially closed and we started the long and never easy task of rechecking scores in and around qualifying positions and then obviously flights to see who had indeed taken the required amount to qualify. What’s been amazing this year is not only the number of new faces fighting it out at the top of the leaderboards, but also the amount of those near the top who had taken the necessary flights. This is obviously fantastic news for the Swingers programme and its future, and is indicative of the season as a whole. Our society days have seen more new attendees than ever before, we’ve had more scores submitted than ever before, and Flying Club members are signing up to Swingers at a faster rate than ever before. So it’s fitting that we end such an exciting season with undoubtedly our most exciting final to date, and one which many Swingers have long called for. The S15 final will be unlike anything else we’ve ever done – an awe inspiring and vibrant hotel, two of the very best private members courses you could find anywhere in the world, a mouth watering selection of restaurants and entertainment and all set in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

The emphasis on this year’s final is undoubtedly fun – yes there’s a competition to be played and a trophy to be won, but we envisage the lasting memory to be 24 golfers enjoying each other’s company and embracing the true spirit of Swingers.

Sadly only 24 finalists can join us out there. And of those 24, 11 are experiencing their first ever final. The captains will be announced on Monday (8th October). We know who they are, but we want to give them their own moment of glory once the excitement of the team announcements has passed. Following that, in due course, our captains will present their teams properly but for now here are the two teams to contest the S15 Final ROW v Europe in Las Vegas between 26-30 November 2018:

TEAM ROW (handicaps as of 1.9.18 in brackets) Chris Cattran (11) Clinton Heap (13) Janus Horn (7) Simon Hudson (10) Steve Jones (3) Brian O’Connor (15) Fred Reever (18) Emir Uzonovic (11) Regardt Van Rensburg (5) Brandin Walter (13) Andre Wainwright (10) Bill Wilson (23)

TEAM EUROPE (handicaps as of 1.9.18 in brackets) Roy Backhouse (9) Steve Campbell (8) Alan Clifford (18) Lee Corns (7) Jon Crickmore (18) Luke Eustace (11) Andrew Gray (12) Rebecca Gray (15) James Hewson (11) Mark Kelly (5) Philip Kilgour (2) Luke Stevens (3) Enjoy the rest of your week and be sure to check back Monday for the captain announcements!

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