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3 weeks until Vegas!

So we are now in the final weeks of preparation for this year’s Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Swingers Final, and everything is coming together nicely. Last week all remaining finalists received their flights to allow them to finalise their preparations. At the same time, the fabulous S15 Final bag tags were arriving through the letterboxes of our finalists whilst the all-important team shirts arrived at Swingers HQ! Everything that needs to head out to Vegas in advance is now sitting on a pallet somewhere in the Surrey countryside ready for its flight to the US this week. It’s nice to feel everything is on schedule as we approach this crucial period of the build-up, and I am sure it is the same for both captains. You can read their latest thoughts on their preparations on their team pages – Team Europe and Team ROW. This week, in fact tomorrow, will see the start of our look back at finals gone by. This is always a special time for us as we trawl through an overwhelming number of memorable photographs. If ever we did take things for granted, and I can assure you we don’t, then looking at these images makes us realise how lucky we are to have been involved in so many great occasions – whether it’s amazing courses, fabulous locations or most importantly great company. We’ve made so many good friends through previous finals which helps make Swingers the special event it is. It really is one big Swingers family and we are sure that special bond will continue again this year out in Vegas. Until then, we will feast on the memories, and continue working hard to make this year’s final as good or even better than the rest.

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