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Reflections on an amazing week in Vegas with Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Swingers

So after a final night out together at the fabulous Hell’s Kitchen, our finalists awoke to the realisation that the week was drawing to a close. We said our farewell to our finalists, packed up the office and either slept or went shopping! Early tomorrow morning we head home via LA. It’s been an incredible week and in all honesty a final that way exceeded our expectations. We were blessed with two amazing courses and a mix of old and new finalists that just worked. It was interesting talking to repeat finalists who felt this final was more friendly than any before and I think I have to agree with that. And it shows that even with 24 finalists coming together as one, it doesn’t stop the competitive nature, as it produced our closest final in 10 seasons – an absolute classic. There are so many great memories from the week, whether it’s that match between Bill/Fred and Alan/Jon, Andrew’s bunker shot on 18 on the last day or just the way that everyone came out to support the groups down 18 each day. It really was the best way to bring the curtain down on such an amazing season, a season that has seen more new players than ever before and more new finalists than ever before. The Swingers Spirit is alive and strong, with a freshness from all the new Swingers who have come on board and added something extra, Thank you to everyone who has supported us at home this week and to everyone who has taken part in Swingers this year. It doesn’t stop here! With a bit of luck we will be announcing our UK days for Season 16 next week – the show goes on!

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