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Team Portrush triumph at Prince's

What a fantastic couple of days we had last week. It was a pleasure to be able to finally run a team Final after all the challenges of the last couple of years. We hoped we would witness two teams of individuals come together to form friendships and bonds, and we weren’t disappointed. Those who took part will understand what we mean when we say there’s just something special about a team Final. Before last week Team Portrush and Team Troon meant nothing to anyone, by the weekend it felt like they both had real identity! They were led superbly by two fitting captains. Simon Hudson we know is a passionate ‘heart on the sleeve’ guy who’s loyalty to the programme is there for all to see. We had no doubt he would lead from the front again and he did so and more. Simon threw everything into the two days and his disappointment on the loss shows just how much it meant to him. Don’t lose that passion Simon!

David was also an inspirational captain. He led his team superbly and they responded by putting in a great performance over the two days. David has always been a great supporter and he thoroughly deserved to be captain made all the more special by securing the winning point for his team. The whole event clearly meant a lot to David and that makes us feel like we are heading in the right direction with Linksnet and gives us added incentive to make Season 3 bigger and better.

It was great to meet so many new faces at Prince's. Of the 12 finalists only Simon, Leon and Dave had ever played in one of our team Finals before. Out of the remaining 9, 7 were regulars from our Network Days and there were two new faces – Gavin and Jordan. They both gelled with the group superbly and each brought something special to their teams.

It was also great to have two wives join us on our partners package. It’s definitely something we want to do more of and again it added a really nice dynamic to the event. Thank you Stacey and Tracey!

So as the curtain falls on the inaugural Final, we look forward to finally signing off Season 2 this week with our Bushnell Matchplay Pairs Final on the Dukes Course at Woburn on Thursday. Our Southern champions Danny Kendall and Jon Bromley take on our Northern champions Steve O’Keeffe and Duncan Whitehead. It’s sure to be an intriguing battle and we look forward to covering it live.

Plans are well underway for Season 3 and we will be shortly announcing some exciting dates for your diary as well as regular updates throughout the winter on our plans for the league season in the New Year.

Thanks again for all your support this year and here’s to a great Season 3 and 2022! For a full breakdown of all the scores from the Final click here

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