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Why Host a Golf Day?

If you’re looking for ideas for your next event or searching for new ways to network, a golf day is a fantastic option to mix business with pleasure‚ in a way that benefits your company.

· A golf day is the perfect way to spend quality time in a relaxed manner and get to know your clients on a more personal level. It also gives them the chance to meet your other clients who can explain more about the relationship you have with them and what service you provide. Thus, they effectively become part of your sales team for the day.

· From connecting contacts together to forming new relationships, a golf day can go a long way towards helping you to close the deal or put a face to a name.

· It can be a valuable bonding activity for different teams in the workplace to get to know each other. After all, a happy and productive team are the key to your successful business growth! Using a corporate golf day to reward team members who hit certain KPI’s or their personal targets can be a great way to drive sales and increase motivation.

· Combining a golf day with supporting a nominated charity is a great way to produce a well-rounded event. With many businesses keen to get involved with local causes and nationwide charities alike, it can help you to achieve your CSR goals alongside taking valuable time out of the office.

· With a well planned and executed golf day, you have the chance to distinguish your company from your competition. It’s possible that at the end of the day people won’t remember exactly what you said or did, they will certainly remember how you treated them and made them feel.

· Although your corporate golf day may not bring you some immediate benefits, a golf day is a fantastic way to show your thanks and gratitude to your existing clients for their business. They are also great for building loyalty and continuing relationships which are key for any successful business to have.

For a no obligation chat to discuss how we can help you plan and deliver your event please call 01372 204057 or email

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